Part Six, 27 August 2018

What on Earth is the World?

Christopher Edwards, PhD Candidate



Is the world really there? Is the ‘world’ the same as the ‘planet earth’? Does the world exist outside of my own thinking? These are some issues that I will address in my public lecture, ‘What on Earth is the World!?’.  My aim will be to open up a way for us to think about the world of our everyday lives.  I will begin with a discussion of the mind/body distinction that underpins our modern understanding. According to such an understanding, the ‘world’ is taken to be a container where all the things ‘outside’ of us are located. However, I want to ask: is this how we primarily experience the world? Drawing on the work of Martin Heidegger I argue no! It is not! Instead, I will attempt to offer a different way for us to think about the world. Specifically, I will argue that, primarily, we are immersed in a meaningful world that is so close to us that we do not even see it.

Copy of LECTURE 5 FLYER (chris)