Part One, 26 March 2018

Can Plato Teach Us Something New in Our Digital Age?

Associate Professor Ľubica Učník


“The present moment shrinks to a fleeting point in time, devoid of heirs and free of goals. The present no longer trails things past and future along with it” (Han, Byung-Chul. 2017).

In this lecture, I would like to make a sweeping tour through the history of ideas – from Euthyphro and his discussion with Socrates to the present-day repeated proclamations about our post-truth age and the end of history. The present is decreed to be the best possible world, the future already in the ‘here and now’. I will claim that in order to challenge the reduction of the present to the ever-repeated today, the ‘now’, stripped of the past as well as of the future, we must go back and rethink truth and justice with Socrates.

Recommended ReadingEuthyphro by Plato. You can access this dialogue at Perseus Digital Library. Note that this reading is not required.

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